Welcome to the official website of the Central Arizona Chapter American Guild of Organists!

It is with a warm smile that we greet travelers to this site. We hope that you will find it a useful destination. This site is designed to provide resources to our members as well as inform the public about the activities and events of our chapter and the sponsored events of our membership. This resource not only allows our membership to maintain an informed level of association, it also allows non-members to participate in a meaningful way. As we are a large and growing metropolis it is also our intent to provide a resource for members of other chapters of the American Guild of Organists who are either moving to the valley or spend part of the year here to easily establish a relationship with other patrons and devotees of the organ.

Join the CAZAGO provides further information on joining the guild. Membership can be achieved in many ways. Our chapter provides membership at the full membership level and at a special student and senior rate. If Phoenix is a part–time home I would encourage you to join at the Dual Membership level, allowing you year-round access to not only your home/primary chapter, but also to the events in Central Arizona. Our Chapter Friend membership level is available for those wishing to support and participate in the activities of the Central Arizona Chapter American Guild of Organists without full membership. Support can also be given through tax–deductible contributions which fund our programming and young organist scholarships.

Please take some time to explore the many resources this site has to offer. Our monthly newsletter, The Pipeline, is available here as well as an archive of past issues. Job postings are updated regularly as are our various event calendars and links. Salary guidelines and a variety of other useful documents are all available on this site. I also encourage you to contact our chapter officers if they can be of service in any way. The Central Arizona Chapter is here to serve and it is with great affection that we work to educate and to promote the glorious art of the organ!

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